AgeIn’s platform

Was built to ensure that a generation who has dedicated their entire lives to work can still find new challenges to embark upon in the world of work

What we do

AgeIn aims to enable those with the energy and enthusiasm to remain active in society even after retirement age. This way, the accumulated experience of seniors can benefit the entire community.

Our vision

AgeIn is designed to break down age-related prejudices and appreciate the extensive experience of those in retirement age. Together, we create meaningful tasks that, over the long term, enhance overall health and quality of life. Welcome to join us in changing the way we perceive experienced professionals!

Who we serve

We serve all those who appreciate life experience and understand the benefits it brings. We aim to find the most suitable job tasks for our experienced individuals, aged 65 and above.

Our story

The company was originally founded out of the need to assist Ulla-Maijas own mother. As a busy career woman, Ulla-Maijas mother lived far away and in seclusion. Who could be sent to our mother's doorstep? Who would have the skills and the compassion? Thus, the idea of employing seniors in meaningful tasks was born. It was the year 2018. We learned and tested. Now, 40,000 work hours later, we can say that we understand something about the subject. Before us lies the image of an enthusiastic, skilled, and empathetic workforce with the power to transform both society and the future of those younger than themselves. Aging touches each of us. What will your old age be like? Will you be welcomed or left alone? Will you be invited to participate, or will you be deemed too old? These are important questions for which we are all collectively responsible. We want to provide job opportunities for seniors and lead their actions through data to provide robust evidence that keeping seniors engaged and active benefits everyone. By increasing seniors' activity, their well-being and health improve. At the same time, the burden on society caused by the challenges of aging is lightened.

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