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AgeIn ja Osuuskauppa Arina yhteistyöhön - merkityksellistä työtä ja hyvinvointia!

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AgeIn ja Osuuskauppa Arina yhteistyöhön, eläkeläiset kiireavuksi työvoimapulan alueille

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Haemme ulospäinsuuntautuneita persoonia töihin Osuuskauppa Arinan kauppoihin!

2 min. read

Haemme ulospäinsuuntautuneita persoonia töihin Osuuskauppa Arinan kauppoihin!

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Ikä ei ole este, se on voimavara - Hyvinvointia eläkeläisille osa-aikatyöstä

4 min. read

Eläkeläisille hyvinvointia osa-aikatyöstä

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Feedback from Our Users

Exercise is the remedy, but at the age of 76, I no longer head out for a walk in the evening after a day's work. Age is an advantage in many ways. With experience, one's approach becomes more straightforward, and there's no unnecessary work as in one's younger days. Nowadays, there's no need to be humble, like when I was a young lad.



Expert at AgeIn

We bought a second home in another town and it needed renovation. Our renovator was tied up with other projects and luckily I got a tip from a friend about AgeIn. We quickly got "Kake" with renovation experience who was absolutely invaluable in the demolition phase. He sent us pictures and messages about the progress of the work. He also took care of taking the demolition materials and old appliances to the waste station. Without him, we would not have been able to start the renovation on schedule. We are most grateful for the flexible service and excellent workmanship!


Reija Lång

AgeIn Customer

I wasn't quite retired when I started working here. I was unemployed. I do all sorts of jobs. I clean, do gardening, trim hedges, chop down trees, and everything in between. Sometimes I work 50-70 hours a month. It keeps me active and lively, and it's also a joy to help people in need.



Expert at AgeIn

I'm a not a senior - I am a señorita. I don't like the term 'retiree'. When I left the workforce, I still longed for those calendar entries and the feeling of being useful in society. Through this service, I can work on my own terms and also request assistance for my needs, like installing a television or cleaning windows. The best part is that I can work when I want to and when I have the energy.



Expert and Customer at AgeIn

I am responsible for coordinating renovation projects in the Greater Helsinki area. Sitting on the couch at home is not my thing. To feel good, I need purposeful and meaningful activities. In this job, meaning comes primarily from seeing customers benefit from the service. As a bonus, you always learn something new and meet pleasant customers.


Esko Piekkari

Expert at AgeIn

The service has been flexible, and small repairs have been handled quickly.

Autiotalot Isännöinti

Ari Kyrö

AgeIn Customer

Suad Salihovic worked with us, and I would like to provide feedback. He did an excellent job, and he completed the assigned tasks quickly. Thank you! We are very satisfied.


Kari Raunio

AgeIn Customer

The work was quickly put on the calendar and the work result was excellent. Big thanks to the professionals for the quick work.



AgeIn Customer

Our mission

We at AgeIn believe that no matter what your age is, everyone can do meaningful work. That’s why we built the AgeIn platform so that you can find tasks locally, based on your expertise gained from a lifetime of working.

We want to stimulate the minds and bodies of the older generation to create a happier and healthier world for everyone.

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