How do I find information of the Experts skills?

Information about the experience and skills of our professionals can be found in their profile details. Each professional provides relevant information about themselves and their background in their profiles. When professionals express interest in a task you have posted, you can review their profiles. Additionally, you can engage in conversations with them through our messaging service.

During these conversations, it's advisable to discuss all aspects of the task-related expertise with the professionals. Our professionals, who are primarily aged 65 and above, are committed to performing tasks well and derive satisfaction from their work. They generally apply for tasks in which they believe their skills are sufficient. Rest assured that our platform fosters a community of individuals who share a common goal of contributing positively to tasks and deriving personal fulfillment from their work.

How is the reliability of professionals ensured?

Every worker undergoes thorough verification. All employees are committed to confidentiality in their employment contracts, ensuring that matters concerning households remain within the confines of their walls. Feedback from customers is encouraged immediately after tasks are completed by our professionals. This allows us to monitor, support, and intervene in various situations as needed.

How are customers ensured?

Each of our customers is also verified. The service does not allow individuals under the age of 18 to sign up; hence, we request the date of birth during the registration process. To create tasks, users are required to input credit card information into the service. Credit card details are stored in the Stripe payment service used by the platform."

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