Comprehensive Care: Rehabilitation, Dog Care, Companionship, and Gaming

We offer comprehensive care covering rehabilitation support, dog care services, companionship, and gaming. Reliable and caring assistance for your everyday needs – AgeIn is here to help.

Welcome to AgeIn's reliable and versatile care services!

We offer a wide range of everyday and at-home support services, including assistance with rehabilitation, companionship, gaming partners, childcare, or short-term pet care. With AgeIn's services, you can get help and support for various daily needs.

We serve a diverse range of customers who may need assistance with living comfortably and enjoyably at home, recovering from injuries, or simply seeking companionship. We also assist busy families with childcare during their hectic times. Additionally, we provide help with short-term pet care.

Tasks related to daily living and enjoyment at home can vary from rehabilitative outdoor walks to friendly chats, playing together, house cleaning, cooking, baking, crafting, or going to events or errands together. We adapt to your needs and aim to bring joy and satisfaction.

AgeIn's senior workers are always ready to offer assistance and support, ensuring that you feel safe and cared for. With us, you can fondly reminisce about different decades and the changes in the world over the years.

In childcare, AgeIn's stand-in grandparents have seen and experienced life, understand the everyday life of a family with children, and know how to be present for the child's benefit. They are parents, grandparents, and caregivers themselves. Depending on your family's needs, our caregivers can do whatever is required, whether it's taking the kids to a nearby playground or preparing meals and caring for the children while you focus on your remote meetings.

You can book and choose a caregiver from AgeIn's service for a rate of 38 euros per hour (including 24% VAT). Depending on the tasks performed, you may also be eligible for a 60% home service tax deduction.

We are committed to providing dedicated care services, and you can trust that AgeIn's senior workers will deliver reliable and attentive service.

AgeIn - Care with heart!

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