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Welcome to AgeIn's versatile and constantly changing gig opportunities!

We offer skilled senior workers for various renovation tasks in homes and businesses, ranging from small repairs to maintaining gardens, meeting the needs of property managers and housing cooperatives. We serve both households and real estate agents, property investors, construction companies, and property maintenance companies.

At AgeIn, work assignments vary from short and quick tasks, such as 2-hour quick gigs, to longer 2-3 day projects. We have the enthusiasm and pride to perform various tasks, whether it's building barbecue huts, maintaining terraces, installing awnings, or renovating the interior of apartments.

Note: We do not work on roofs or at heights for safety reasons. We do not perform licensed tasks, such as electrical or plumbing work.

We also act as reliable assistants in various household chores and property maintenance. Our senior workers are experienced multitaskers who excel in any situation. Their contributions are highly recognized and valued, and they are often the preferred choice for homeowners and housing cooperatives.

How it works:

You can order one or more senior workers through the AgeIn service, one per order. You can communicate with them through the service and select the applicants for the job. For project-based tasks, we recommend starting with one expert and planning the execution with them. This way, the customer can determine the workload and material needs. Based on this information, you can continue with the same expert and order any additional workers needed to complete the planned work. The expert who planned the work can also act as a participating supervisor, working alongside you and overseeing the project's progress on your behalf. The overall project responsibility lies with the customer, as you are not purchasing a specific package but rather the expertise and experience of our experts. For example, you are free to change plans and implementation during the project and even participate in the work yourself to save costs. You are not tied to us for the entire project but can use our experts at the beginning and finish the work yourself, if desired.

Price: Our experts charge 38 euros per hour (including 24% VAT).

We also offer tool packages (small or large), where our experts bring their own tools and receive compensation for their use. We prioritize ecological choices, so our experts primarily use their own tools for tasks, and secondarily, tools can be rented from equipment rental companies upon the customer's request. Rentable equipment includes items such as lifting equipment. If tools, lifting equipment, or special machinery are required, the customer can either rent them themselves, as recommended by our experts, or we can handle the rental on the customer's behalf, billing the actual rental cost plus 30%.

Without a tool package, our experts will use the customer's tools. We recommend discussing tool usage with the expert when ordering and agreeing on the terms. If tools are brought along, we recommend that the customer orders either a small or large tool package as agreed upon.

Small tool package: 25 euros (including 24% VAT). Typically includes items like screwdrivers, drills, chainsaws, small trailers, and cleaning equipment.
Large tool package: 75 euros (including 24% VAT). Includes a larger quantity of tools, such as circular saws, chainsaws, larger cleaning equipment like vacuums, etc.

Our senior workers are insured for work-related accidents and during work-related travel as required by law. The customer is responsible for organizing work safely. If our workers feel that a task cannot be performed safely and the situation cannot be resolved in cooperation with the customer, our workers will suspend the task. The safety of our people comes first.

With our experience and extensive expertise, you can trust that the job will be handled reliably and meticulously. We can handle any situation with a smile and collaborative effort.

AgeIn - Harnessing Life Experience!

How to get started:

Household Customers

Create a customer profile here: [Link to registration page]

Property Managers, Housing Cooperatives

Register, order directly from the AgeIn service, and give it a try. Prices starting from 38 euros per hour (including 24% VAT). Credit card payment option.

Create a customer profile here: [Link to registration page]

You can also contact our CEO, Ulla-Maija Soininen, at +358 40 827 9951 or We can make a lightweight cooperation agreement if needed.

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