Hello and Welcome to the AgeIn Era!

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Hello and welcome to the AgeIn era! Onnexi has become AgeIn, and we are transitioning entirely to the AgeIn service starting from February 1, 2024.

The New AgeIn Service Provides a Flexible Channel for Seniors to Work

The AgeIn online platform is a response to the global aging challenge. More and more retired individuals want to stay active and engage in work, but the existing channels have been limited. AgeIn offers an easy way to find job opportunities that fit the life situation and capabilities of retirees. This service not only provides employment opportunities but also creates a communal platform for the 65+ age group.

A New Culture of Flexible Paid Work for Those Aged 65+

Work significantly impacts the well-being and financial situation of retirees. At the same time, AgeIn addresses a societal challenge related to skill shortages, especially in part-time and gig work. AgeIn assists those who need help in their daily lives, such as caring for their parents or babysitting. It also offers businesses the opportunity to access flexible assistance for various tasks, such as condominium renovations.

Ulla-Maija Soininen, the founder and CEO of Onnexi Oy, emphasizes that successful societies of the future are characterized by active participation of people of all ages. Outdated attitudes and role models should be discarded, as the passivity they bring with them harms the functionality of society as a whole and leads to economic losses. Retirement can offer the opportunity to embrace a new culture of flexible paid work for those aged 65+.

Below, we have gathered questions and answers that we have compiled along the way.

  1. What about travel expenses?

We are completely discontinuing mileage compensation. This means that everyone will work in their own local area. In return, hourly wages for all tasks done through the AgeIn service will be higher than before, at least 14 euros + 9% vacation compensation, totaling 15.26 euros per hour.
Why are we discontinuing? Because we want to save our common planet, be an ecological local service, and support local community.

  1. What if I use my car during working hours (transport, etc.)?

We are testing a solution where the customer could order additional kilometers through messaging. We will provide more information on this in January.
3. How do we deal with our own tools?

We strive to primarily use the customer's own tools. In the AgeIn service, there is the option to communicate with the customer, where you can inform them about the necessary tools and supplies.
Additionally, we are testing a solution where the customer could order additional tools through messaging. We will provide more information on this in January.

  1. How do we work with regular customers in the future?

Regular customers are important to us. Primarily, all customers are directed to order through AgeIn. Later in the spring, there will be an option for continuous orders for regular visits.
5. How do we deal with customers who cannot use digital devices?

These customers are directed to our customer service, or you can yourself provide Roosa with all the customer's details. Customer service can input tasks on behalf of these customers into AgeIn and select professionals for the tasks. In this way, an invoice will be sent to them from our accounting system.
6. How do condominiums (AS Oy) and corporate clients operate?

Customer service can input large quantities of corporate tasks into AgeIn. Later, there are plans for interfaces for companies, where they can create tasks and select professionals for them. Companies will be invoiced retroactively from our accounting system.
We will communicate AgeIn changes to corporate customers through a separate newsletter.

  1. What if I don't want to take a gig?

Freedom to choose is essential for all of us. You decide, based on communication with the client, whether you want the task. You can cancel your application up to 24 hours before the task starts.
8. The customer orders a 2-hour job, but it takes longer, what do I do?

When discussing the task with the customer, it's good to inquire about factors that affect the duration. The customer may imagine the duration to be less than it actually is. In this case, it's best if the customer creates a new task and marks the correct time based on the communication.
If the customer's desired task appears to be incomplete within the purchased time, and the customer is willing to buy more working time, the customer can then purchase additional working time, i.e., create a new task in AgeIn. If the customer does not want to buy more working time, there is no other option than to leave the task unfinished when the working time runs out.

  1. How does the customer pay for the job?

The primary payment method in AgeIn is credit card. When the customer publishes a task, a pre-authorization is made on the credit card. When the work is done, and the customer approves the completion of the task in AgeIn, only then does the pre-authorization turn into payment. In other words, when paying with a credit card in AgeIn, the customer pays for the completed work ONLY after the work is done.
10. How do I edit my own profile?

You can edit your profile at any time by logging into AgeIn and selecting "View profile" in the upper right corner where your name is. This will open your own information, which you can change and save for almost every detail.
Here is the link to log into our service:

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