The Challenges and Opportunities of Aging - Growing Numbers of Retirees, Yet Retained Activity

By AgeIn Team

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The Rapid Growth of Retirees

Finland's population is aging rapidly, and this is reflected in the increasing number of retirees. According to the latest data from the Finnish Centre for Pensions, in 2022, approximately 65,000 new retirees joined the ranks. This remarkable growth trend poses clear challenges for society, but at the same time, it presents new opportunities.

Desire to Continue in the Workforce – A Vast Potential

It's not uncommon for many retirees not to be willing to completely step away from the workforce. According to statistics from the Finnish Centre for Pensions, about a third of new retirees express their interest in continuing to work beyond retirement age. This offers the opportunity to tap into the extensive knowledge and experience of retirees across various fields, which can be particularly valuable for businesses.

Retiree Maija shares her perspective: "Retirement doesn't mean complete rest for me. I still have a lot to offer to the workforce, and I am grateful for the opportunity to continue working part-time."

Health Benefits of Staying Active

Retirees' activity isn't limited solely to the workplace. Many retirees maintain their physical and mental activity, which is vital for their well-being. Regular exercise, hobbies, and social interaction significantly enhance retirees' quality of life. Furthermore, staying active has favorable health effects, such as strengthening the heart and cardiovascular system and maintaining good mental health.

Retiree Mikko states: "I've discovered new passions like gardening and volunteering, which keep me physically and mentally vibrant. Activity is the key to a good life."

Society's Support and Incentives

Society plays a pivotal role in supporting retirees' activity. The Finnish Centre for Pensions provides various support services and counseling for retirees who wish to continue working or stay active. Additionally, tax incentives can motivate retirees to remain active both in the workforce and during their leisure time.

The future looks promising as the number of retirees grows, and their activity remains high. Collaboration between retirees, businesses, and society is essential in shaping the future. It's expected that retirees will increasingly stay active in the workforce and during their free time, enriching Finnish society and creating new opportunities for all its members. By the numbers, this means a growing percentage of those reaching retirement age who are unwilling to be idle and are ready to make an impact on society.

Invitation to Break Age-Related Stereotypes!

Join us in shattering stereotypes related to aging! Let's work together to enable those who wish to continue working after retirement age. Remaining active and purposeful has been proven to directly impact the quality of life in the later years. Reduced illness and frailty, improved memory, and more – the benefits are numerous.

Discover what you can do to contribute and join us in this initiative at:

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