Innovative Service Products for the Employment of Seniors

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Onnexi Oy is participating in the ELY Center's project to develop innovative service products for senior job placement.

Objectives, Content, Results, and Impacts of the Project:

Onnexi Oy has identified a significant need in its industry for the development of digital service solutions. The goal is to enhance communication and interaction between service providers and buyers, enabling more efficient utilization of senior workforce. As Finland's population ages, challenges have arisen, but there are also opportunities to leverage skilled and experienced personnel in various job roles.

The company aims to address the growing demand by offering digital services that facilitate encounters between senior workers and employers. This is particularly relevant as a significant number of professionals are retiring but could still contribute valuable expertise to the workforce. Onnexi Oy believes that the current workforce and expertise should not be lost but should be utilized more flexibly, such as in lighter or part-time job roles.

The company's objective is to create innovative solutions that not only connect senior workers and employers but also add value to both parties. This project seeks to address society's broad need to create sustainable and age-friendly solutions to improve workforce availability while providing senior workers with the opportunity to continue active employment.

Onnexi Oy believes that such digital services not only address current challenges but also create new opportunities that benefit the entire society.

Challenge: Workforce Availability and its Impact on the Pension System

There are significant challenges related to workforce availability, and until now, there haven't been available services that can transform the circumstances to benefit both parties – job providers and job buyers. Onnexi Oy recognizes this challenge and aims to develop solutions that not only address the issue of workforce availability but also have broader implications for the societal pension system.

In the Finnish context, statutory pensions are mainly funded through pension contributions, and the significant size of the aging population relative to younger generations shapes the dynamics of the pension system. Solutions developed by Onnexi Oy may have a considerable impact on the financing process of pensions, consequently affecting the expected living standards of different age groups at various stages of life.

The goal of this project is to deeply understand the challenges of workforce availability and find innovative ways for aging workers to continue their careers flexibly. At the same time, the aim is to ensure that the pension system is sustainable and meets the needs of the aging population. Onnexi Oy aims to be a pioneer in creating solutions that support both senior workers and the entire society.

Onnexi Oy's Service Solution and Post-Pandemic Plan

Onnexi Oy has already demonstrated the functionality of its current service solution, which involves the leasing of senior workforce (proof of concept). The company faced significant challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic, such as the inability of the senior workforce under job placement to perform tasks in the expected manner. This posed challenges to the business model, prompting Onnexi Oy to assess alternative business models and consider leveraging digitalization in its service solution.

The challenges that emerged during the pandemic prompted Onnexi Oy to explore new opportunities and implement digital innovations. The primary goal of this development work is to create a more flexible and scalable service model that can better adapt to exceptional circumstances, such as the restrictions imposed by the pandemic.

Onnexi Oy is particularly focused on the post-pandemic period and aims to enhance its services to better address future challenges. This may involve a stronger digital presence, facilitating job placement, and enabling senior workers to participate more flexibly in the workforce.


The aim of the project is to develop two innovative service models that will be integrated into Onnexi Oy's operations. The services will be designed entirely based on customer needs using the service design process. This process allows for the comprehensive development of services and their adaptation to the needs of customers.

The core of the development work is the assessment of business potential and the testing of services to ensure their efficiency and usability. The goal is to create service models that are innovative, meet demand, and add value to both service providers and customers.

Additionally, the project includes planning a pilot phase with collaboration partners. This phase enables the practical testing of service models and their introduction to the market through collaboration partners. This way, Onnexi Oy can ensure the functionality of services and fine-tune them to better meet the needs and expectations of customers.

Onnexi Oy's work is not limited to this project alone. Every day, Onnexi Oy works towards getting seniors activated and integrated into our society. In the future, winning societies are those where all age groups are active contributors. Therefore, it is important to create and offer practical services that make daily life easier, where seniors have their role as active contributors and the opportunity to earn additional income for their work. Freedom in work is the key motivator for seniors. The focus should be on the individual's own desire and ability to work according to their strengths and situation.

This is about responsible caring. The goal is that both those in need of everyday assistance and the seniors helping in daily tasks can fare better, thereby increasing overall well-being throughout society. The ripple effects and opportunities are significant.

AgeIn/Onnexi Oy

The background of the nationwide AgeIn service, launched in November 2023, is rooted in Onnexi Oy, founded by Ulla-Maija Soininen. The establishment of Onnexi Oy is based on Soininen's personal experience of the difficulties in obtaining assistance for her mother, who lives far away. Onnexi, advocating for responsible care and age inclusivity, has revolutionized the workforce by highlighting the opportunities and motivation for seniors aged 65 and above to engage in paid work flexibly, thus promoting their well-being and earning possibilities.

Since its establishment in 2017, Onnexi has employed over 350 seniors who are retired, and its services have been utilized by more than 1000 clients. Initially operating regionally with a focus on Southern Finland, Uusimaa, Kanta-Häme, Pirkanmaa, Satakunta, and Varsinais-Suomi, the AgeIn online service expands its service offering nationwide.


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Project Application Name: Business Development Grant (EAKR) Application for Kanta-Häme

Application Number: 500916

Public Project Name: Innovative service products for the employment of seniors

Public Project Summary: The project will develop and pilot new, innovative service models for senior employment.

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