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Are you something more than someone who enjoys sitting in a rocking chair? Do you crave new acquaintances, activity, meaningful tasks where your skills and contributions are appreciated? With us, you can utilize your renovation and carpentry skills, enjoy home care, or work for businesses.

Whether you're just considering retirement or already enjoying your retirement days, AgeIn invites you to join our community. You are an asset to us, and we want to help you find the tasks that bring joy and satisfaction to your life. Join AgeIn's story and make your retirement days meaningful and fulfilling!

Here are the instructions for signing up as a worker with us. If you encounter any issues during registration, please contact us at

How to sign up for the service:

  • Click the "Register" button on the purple platform.

  • Choose which profile you want to register with (to become a professional, choose "I'm looking for meaningful tasks").

  • Fill in your personal information (NOTE: When adding your age in the required field, you can view the years by clicking on "December 2023," and you can quickly scroll to your age using the side arrows. Use the small gray arrows to select the correct month).

  • Once your information is correct, and you have read and accepted the terms and employment agreement, you will receive a registration link to your provided email address.

  • Go to your email and open the link from AgeIn's service. It will open a new page where you can create your password. With your email address and password, you can log in to the platform.

  • You can edit your profile by selecting "View profile" from the upper right corner, where you see your name. This will display your personal information.

  • Add your desired picture and a brief self-introduction. These will be visible to clients later. NOTE: Your personal information will not be visible to others; it will only be visible to you.

  • Security is considered in every section of the application.

  • In the "Calendar" section, you can select specific times when you want to work or choose the option "Anytime." The calendar does not need constant updating.

  • Follow AgeIn and apply for work assignments that interest you!

  • Clients create work assignments in AgeIn, and you can freely apply for them.

  • The application deadline for work assignments expires 48 hours before the start of the task, so make sure to apply well in advance.

  • After applying for a work assignment, communicate with the client through AgeIn regarding any questions you may have.

  • The client selects an expert for their job in AgeIn. The client must choose an expert at least 24 hours before the start of the task.

  • If you are selected, congratulations! All that's left is to go to the job with a happy heart and meet great clients.

Registration link:

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. What happens to travel expenses?

We are completely discontinuing mileage compensation. This means that everyone works in their local area. In return, the hourly wage for all tasks done through AgeIn is higher than before, at least 14 euros per hour, plus a 9% holiday compensation, making it a total of 15.26 euros per hour.
Why are we discontinuing this? Because we want to save our planet, be an eco-friendly local service, and support local community cohesion.

  1. What if I use my own car for transportation during work hours (e.g., for deliveries)?

We are testing a solution where the client can order additional kilometers through messaging. We will provide more information about this in January.
3. How do we handle our own tools?

We strive to primarily use the client's own equipment. In the AgeIn service, there is messaging available with the client, where you can inform them about the necessary tools and materials.
Additionally, we are testing a solution where the client can order additional tools through messaging. We will provide more information about this in January.

  1. How will we work with regular customers in the future?

Regular customers are important to us. Initially, all clients will be directed to order through AgeIn. Later this spring, we plan to introduce the possibility of continuous ordering for regular appointments.
5. How will we work with clients who don't know how to use digital devices?

These clients will be directed to our customer service, or you can provide Roosa with all the client's information. Customer service can input tasks for these clients into AgeIn and select experts for their tasks. This way, invoices will be sent to them from our accounting system.
6. How do Apartment Associations and business clients operate?

Our customer service can input large quantities of corporate tasks into AgeIn. In the future, we plan to create separate interfaces for businesses where they can create tasks and select experts themselves. Businesses will be invoiced later from our accounting system.
We will communicate AgeIn changes to business customers through a separate newsletter.

  1. What if I don't want to take on a job?

Freedom of choice is important to all of us. You decide whether you want to take on a task based on communication with the client. You can cancel your application up to 24 hours before the task starts.
8. A client orders a 2-hour job, but it takes longer than expected. How should I proceed?

When communicating with the client about the job, it's a good idea to inquire about factors that could affect the job's duration. The client may underestimate the time required. In such cases, it's best for the client to create a new task with the correct duration based on your communication.
If the client's desired job appears to be unfinished within the purchased time frame, and the client is willing to buy additional work time, they can create a new task in AgeIn to purchase more work hours. If the client does not want to purchase additional work hours, there is no other option but to leave the task unfinished when the work time ends.

  1. How does the client pay for the job?

The primary payment method in AgeIn is a credit card. When a client posts a task, a pre-authorization is placed on the credit card. Once the job is completed, and the client approves it as finished in AgeIn, at that point, the pre-authorization is converted into a payment. In other words, when paying with a credit card on AgeIn, the client pays for the work ONLY after it is completed.
10. How can I edit my profile?

  • You can edit your profile at any time by logging into AgeIn and clicking on your name in the upper right corner. From there, select "View profile." This will open your personal information, and you can make changes and save them.

Here is the link for logging into our service:

Through AgeIn, retirees can discover diverse work opportunities that match their interests and strengths. It could be part-time work, project-based tasks, or even consulting. Our goal is to find the perfect role for every retiree to thrive in.

Retirement is no longer just the end of one chapter; it can be the beginning of a new one. AgeIn's mission is to see retirees as assets in the workforce and offer them meaningful tasks that bring joy and purpose to their everyday lives. Welcome to AgeIn!

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