Retirees in the Workforce - Threat or Opportunity?

By AgeIn Tiimi

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Harnessing Life Experience - The Power of Retirees in the Workforce!

In late November 2023, we hosted a fascinating panel discussion delving deep into the employment of retirees. The conversation explored what motivates them to reenter the workforce and what the rest of us can learn from their valuable experiences.

Why Do Retirees Return to the Workforce?

Ulla-Maija Soininen, CEO of AgeIn, sheds light on the reasons: "I am part of something, I still matter. I am learning. I can contribute. It's on that side because it strongly produces well-being." Check out Ulla-Maija's complete response here.

Through AgeIn, retirees not only bring their immense expertise to the workforce but also gain the opportunity to be meaningfully involved in society. By rejoining the workforce during retirement, they not only strengthen their own finances but also contribute valuable input to societal well-being.

A big thank you to all panel participants: Irene Vuorisalo from the Finnish Pensioners' Federation, Ilkka Oksala from the Confederation of Finnish Industries, Tiina Nurmi from Ilmarinen, Timo Strandberg from the Central Union for the Welfare of the Aged, and our working retiree Marianne Sinkkonen. Thank you for highlighting your perspectives on this important and socially significant topic.

Our discussion demonstrated that the contribution of retirees in the workforce is not just an opportunity but a tremendous asset. Activity, meaning, and financial benefits are just the tip of the iceberg of what retirees' employment can offer—both to them and our entire society.

With a growing labor shortage, Finland needs skilled workers—could part of the solution be found in working retirees? How can the accumulated knowledge and skills of this large age group be utilized in a way that suits them?

Watch the entire discussion here.

We need skilled individuals now and in the future. Why not turn our attention to working retirees? We announced the national "AgeRevolution" during the panel. Let's break old perceptions of retirees' roles in our society together. Finland needs age anarchy!

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